Of Buckets And Love

Some people get sleds for Christmas, others get skis, skates or crazy carpets.  Some people get cars, tablets or televisions.  Others may hear the sounds of a new cellphone, kitten or puppy.

I got buckets.  Empty buckets.  To fill with water, from the sudden leak that developed and threatened to swamp the house.  They weren’t gift wrapped, which is good because I’d hate to have to unwrap them just to use them.

I appreciated that they were there and ready to be used.  A lovely elf left them for me.  Just outside my door.  Known get I’d need them.  Because this lovely elf is the one who spotted the leak since its one from the outside threatening to come in.

Never have I been so grateful for such a thoughtful and practical gift!  Never have I used a gift immediately upon receiving it.  THe buckets are the gift that keep on giving!

Sure there were other gifts.  Every single one of them are appreciated and adored.  But these buckets are special because they were just what I needed exactly when I needed them!

It’s similar to the way friends and family just know exactly what you need, sometimes before you even realize it!  So here is to buckets, love and just knowing!


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