Overextending And What’s In Arms Reach

cup vat of coffee was within arm’s reach and reach is exactly what my arm did, as my hand grasped the handle so I might have just a wee sip of the much-needed drink.  I had gotten it into my head that what I needed to do right now was make a flourless orange cake.

I know, I must be ill because my inner cook hardly ever feels the need to be called upon. Regardless, I was simmering two oranges and trying to figure out the food processor when I reached for more coffee.  I have come to the conclusion that I may, in fact be possessed.  I have no other way of explaining this behavior and not even a vat of coffee is going to solve the problem.

Making the cake itself is super easy and you only need a handful of ingredients.  It just happens to be time-consuming and given that you can’t make more time, I should have taken that into consideration before I started down this path.

But it was too late to do much of anything other than forge ahead and remind myself I had only me to blame for this.  Well okay technically I was blaming someone else because this nameless person just had to have a taste of the cake.  And I decided they needed to taste it today.

I always marvel at how far people extend themselves when it comes to loved ones, whether blood relatives or dear friends.  You’d think these are the people we would be most comfortable with and therefore more capable of saying no.  But somehow these are the very people we want to please, keep or make happy or simply surprise them with something.  Even if it means overextending ourselves or running out of time!

this time of year, no doubt countless people will overextend themselves, their energy and their money.  The real special part isn’t really the time of year, and we shouldn’t feel so compelled to put everything it o one day.  We should allow small and meaningful gestures each day, show those we care about how important they are every day.  Rather than use a holiday as a reason to shower them with various symbols of our appreciation. Because the words spoken from our hearts will always be more precious than a material gift.  Or a flourless orange cake.

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