It’s A Serial Thing I Fear

Friend the orchid and African violets are still holding their own in this household.  So we bravely added some friends, something called Christmas moss, which seems to be doing well.  Sadly the poinsettia is not exactly in the same boat.

The plant looks ok, but some of the lower green leaves are turning yellow or just falling off.  I don’t speak poinsettia, and to be honest I don’t remember anyone having them beyond Christmas so I’m not sure if this is normal or if it’s a case of my typical plant-keeping skills,  well really lack thereof skills!

But the orchid and the African Violet’s plus the moss prove that I can do something with plants.  Just only a select few I guess.  The rose bushes seem to be doing well outside, granted it isn’t their season right now, but they seem fine.

So the poinsettia puzzles me.  Because the plants and I have been doing well and then bang, this cute little red plant seems to prove that I’m not there yet.  That I’m really still a danger to plants.

I never intended to be a serial plant murderer.  It just kind of happened that way I guess.  I’m pretty sure my picture is up on some wall somewhere as a wanted plant killer.  Oh I know I’m not alone in this, and I’m sure somewhere if I looked hard enough I’d find a support group for people like me…plant murderers.  Even ones who thought we were reformed or rehabilitated, and have learned that we aren’t really “fixed”.


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