Inching Indulgence, or Christmas Quality Control Beloved’s Style

The house is finally set for Christmas…the tree is up, the wreath is hung and most of the cookies are baked.  Granted we need to bake some more of gingerbread men because between Beloved’s quality control taste-testing and breakage or icing issues, (which meant Beloved needed to consume those) there simply weren’t that man left.

For the record I do not like the taste of gingerbread (judge all you want) so I had nothing to do with the depletion of Beloved’s tiny village of gingerbread people.  Not that he will mind too much having to make more because the “failures” and those pulled for quality control are to be consumed by him! 😉

This year there will be a new edition to the Christmas treats, a variation of S’mores.  I know, it’s not the standard fare, but we decided to make peppermint marshmallows to go with some lovely chocolate.  To make the “sandwich” part, I made some simple shortbread cookies–not the tradition English or Scottish kind–almost like a whipped shortbread to be honest.  Based on our quality control sample, they taste good!   Of course we could make chocolate shortbread or cocoa marshmallows, and that may in order later.  For now these will work!

But I must confess I’m a bit partial to these peppermint marshmallows because they also work well in hot cocoa!  Or hot chocolate if you make it Beloved’s way.  Of course shortly after having hot chocolate Beloved’s way you may find yourself needing to work off a lot of calories because the man uses heavy cream and good quality chocolate.  He just heats that all together for a warm, delicious drink that’s sure to tickle your taste-buds and add an inch to your waistline! 😉

There is also plenty of brandy butter and whiskey butter for Christmas puddings and tarts so inches shall be added to waistlines and arteries shall be hardened!  But oh the taste adventure as you consume the stuff!   Sometimes you just have to give in to the indulgence! 😉  Of course after that you will have to work like heck to get the indulgence off your body, but that’s kind of life, at least here!

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