What They Say

Put your feet up, they said.  Sit back and just take a few deep breaths they said.  Close your eyes they said.  Calm will come, they assured me, if I did just those few little things.  The trick, they told me, was t just keep trying these things and eventually it would click.  After that, they promised that I’d be meditating with the rest of them.

So I put my feet up.  I put them up higher figuring maybe it was a blood to brain deal.  Basically I may have pulled something in the back of my leg, aka a hamstring, with my endeavour to make this work.  Needless to say this was a bit of a failure.

Next I tried sitting back and taking a few deep breaths.  What I discovered is sitting back and trying to breathe deeply isn’t the best combination.  However I did discover that if you breathe deeply in rapid succession, it’s a bit dizzying!

When I closed my eyes I realized just how tired my ended were.  They ached in a way, followed by tearing up and leading to a bit of stinging sensation.  Needless to say I opened them up again.   When I tried this trick again, my eyes still weren’t happy.

So now I’m wondering how many times do I have t keep doing this before it works.  I’m also wondering exactly who they are and how do they know all this stuff! 😮

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