Christmas Senses Begin

Christmas moss, poinsettia and holly are throughout the house in a variety of containers.   I don’t think we have one room where something in the name of a Christmas-type plant is not present.  And I’ve been informed there are more coming…a huge holly wreath for the door and a live Christmas tree (small I’ve been assured) are set to be delivered in the next few days.

Beloved has informed me that this year we can have little candles on some of the tree branches, at least according to his estimation we can.  I hate to admit, but part of me feels that the candles are a no go, which is a shame.  I love to see the candles with the dancing flames in the tree.  Granted I’m not in love with the tree catching fire or having a house fire.

Beloved will take care of decorating the tree, he still seems to enjoy this task and each year he switches things up.  One year it was a multi-coloured tree, another year it was plaid.  This year he has chosen an ice theme and so it’s crystal and glass only.  He figures th flickering flames will look credible reflected in the crystal and the glass and I have a feeling he’s right.  But just in case we can’t do it, tiny clear lights are ready and waiting for the tree.

Soon the kitchen will be filled with all the smells of Christmas, sweet and savoury alike.  Beloved will don his red and white apron, push up his sleeves and fill the air with fine clouds of flour as he sets up his baking and cooking.

The soft wrestling of wrapping paper will fill the air and Beloved will start to show all the signs of anticipating gifts and good times.  And for a few brief moments I will catch a glimpse of the little boy who lives inside Beloved.  For a few minutes I will see what he missed as a child and watch in amazement as he experiences all again this year.  And that will be my miracle!


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