Overly Donated

Due to a minor error, I ended up “donating” more blood than anticipated at the lab.  Normally I can anticipate needing to “fill” a few tubes.  No big deal, not that big and I carry on with my life.

You see normally the real challenge is in them actually drawing the blood in the first place.  I have “shy” veins.  Very shy.  If you press on my ar, to feel for one, and you happen to find it, by the time you get ready to relocate it and place a needle in it, it’s disappeared.  Not just one vein either, it’s all of them.

To make it harder for them to hide I retry much chug a fair amount of water before having the blood draw.  This doesn’t always work on the first try,  but normally someone gets a hit after the second poke.  😐

Today for some reason the tech ended up taking far more than the usual few vials of blood.  More than a dozen vials were taken, a wee cotton ball pressed against the needle site and I was told to sit and wait a few minutes after the draw was over.  But today my body felt like giving and so unlike normal when there isn’t any blood found on the cotton ball, today a river flowed down my arm.  A small river, a bit more than a trickle.

This caused alarm for me and a flurry of activity from the lab techs.  Apparently a bit of an interaction between the medication I take for lupus, plus a medication I took for a severe headache.  Add to that all the water I chugged and well, we have a wee bit of a flow happen.

They managed to get this all controlled and other than being tired I appear to be not much worse for the experience.  I did get a standard lecture about the mixing of meds, but between the need to keep lupus somewhat at bay and deal with a severe headache, sometimes you just don’t think as clearly as you should.  I would ask for the lovely nurse who lectured me to experience what I did and still make the right decision.  Oh and without a degree in the medical field.  And if she could do that, without her medical knowledge than she’s a better person than I am.  No one ever said desperation would always result in the best of decision-making in humans.  That tends to be long after someone’s made a decision and another person is able to view the decision and the results after the fact.

I’ve informed my doctor that I will be Kissinger  few draws since I over-donated.  He told me that because I had this result I actually need to do more draws for a little while.  I can’t seem to win this donation demand! 😐

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