Bring On The Heat…On Second Thought Maybe Not

I tend to be more of a warm weather kind of girl.  I know there is something lovely about a crisp autumn day and I’ve seen the beauty of a brilliant sun shining across dazzlingly freshly fallen white snow added to the backdrop of a blue sky.  But in the end, I’m just a warm weather kind of girl at heart so try as I might, the lack of heat always make me less comfortable.

Heat, is a wonderful thing, it envelopes you in a nice warm hug.  It helps you learn to slow down because with the right about of heat everything slows down! 😉  You appreciate things more with heat, such as the gentle caress of a breeze; the delicious sensation of condensation on a glass coating your fingertips and how marvellous the delicate darkness of shade plays against the brilliance of the sunlight.  Yes the heat is just a wonderful thing!

Bring it on I say, but in the most figurative way only.  Not as in 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Certainly not against delicate, tender human flesh.  And certainly not against my finger.  Let’s just say that even I have a limit to heat.

I thought I’d try my hand at a new recipe for Christmas cookies.  Now I know what you are thinking, remember the last time when everything looked good and yet turned out inevitably bad.  But today was a so-so lupus day with a complete clearing of all brain fog.  So cookies shouldn’t be too hard.

As I was placing the cookies into the oven, the doorbell rang, startling me.  A smarter person would probably wear oven mitts anytime she is reaching into the oven.  But not this girl.  This girl likes to feel the blast of heat against her skin when she opens the door and places those raw little dough balls inside the oven.  So no mitts for me.  I’m also instituting a rule of no doorbell or phone ringing while I’m playing on the oven from now on.  Because burnt flesh is no fun.  However the cookies turned out well!


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