Battles, War and The Lupus Conflict

Friends today was a curl up under the blankets and read a good book kind of day.  Mostly because today lupus was able to win the pain battle as well as the battle of the joints.  But these are battles, not the entirety of the war.  The war therefore is made up of numerous battles and you simply cannot win them all.  Well I suppose you could win them all, but I suspect then you’d be cured and lupus unfortunately does not work that way.  Pity isn’t it?

I didn’t spend the day curled up under the blankets because there are things that needed doing.  Well four-footed ones needed to be taken outdoors, that’s really it.  I also have to admit that for some strange reason I feel that if I truly rest somehow I will lose the war with lupus.  Silly I know, but it’s a truth in my world.

So today I struggled my way outside with dogs, just to the garden and back in between reading a book or trying to rest.  And I consider that a win.  On a good day clearly this wouldn’t be a win, but hey you take what you can get!

But I wonder if anyone else with a chronic illness is crazy like I am and feels that by just resting you somehow are giving in?  Or am I just crazy full stop?


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