Unexpected Rain or Adjusting To The Water Levels

I suppose one way to wash the floor the floor is to allow all this rain to do it for you.  Given the incredible storm we’ve had, I’m actually surprised to not have wet floors.  One of our friends didn’t fair so well, or as she put it, it was a rather intense way to get your floors clean! 😉

Actually, that’s not exactly how she put it, I dare say how she did put it was “our house has water in it, I’m up to my ankles in the stuff. Can I come over?”  I told her she could have our mop too, when she goes back to her place because sometimes good help, when it comes to cleaning, is a little different than what you expected.

Of course what happened is horrible, and she can stay as long as she wants, and I won’t even make her wash our floors! 😉

Life rarely turns out the way you expect it, rain or otherwise.  I certainly didn’t anticipate having a life shared with a chronic illness.  I’m positive Beloved would say the same thing, and yet here we are.  Just the two of us and lupus.  But of course lupus doesn’t come by itself, because the more the merrier!

Life with lupus is a bit like my friend’s house with the flooding rain water.  An adventure you’d wouldnt specifically ask for and one with only the glimmer of a silver lining.  But like anything, life with lupus or life in general is what you make of it.  I chose to find the Humor where I can and embrace the adventure when I can.  Don’t misunderstand life with lupus isn’t all fun, giggles and excitement.

It can be a bit of a struggle, twined with the odd monster lurking under your bed.  It can be hard, lonely and even too much in moments.  But those are moments and if we can change how we view or think about those moments then maybe we can get to a better place.  So I chose to find and play up the Humor and adventure rather than have e darker side or less pleasant side of chronic illness run my life.


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