Mixing Up The Traditions or When Lupus Confuses Holidays

I think lupus has confused the holidays.  We are coming upon Christmas and yet lupus thinks it’s the right time to hide things, like presents that need to be named or tagged.  In other words lupus thinks it’s closer to Easter, something  about hiding stuff seems all the rage these days.

I wouldn’t mind so much expect I’m trying to have everything good to go for Christmas.  And it’s not just gifts I’ve misplaced.  Recipes have vanished into thin air.  So have ingredients.

I’ve been warning loved ones of the potential for things to change, gifts to be lost and food to be, well, a bit off.  These wonderful people are so positive that things will be just fine, I cannot wait for them to be  well, surprised.  Call it a feeling, call it intuition, call it knowing myself well enough to realize that lupus is entering a new stage of adventure.

Some lovely people have suggested I keep a list of where I am storing gifts, another for where the recipes are and still another with the lists of what I am making.  I can see how this might work, except I’d have to have a million of these lists posted al throughout the house and somehow that takes away the element of surprise.  But that’s just my opinion, 😉

A friend has assured me if I have the lists where others can see them, there will still be the element of surprise because people won’t know which is for them.  The flip side, according to this friend, is a larger element of surprise when I suddenly discover these gifts long after Christmas has come and gone and I’ve surprised people with the first of, well, nothing.

My specialist has come to the conclusion that my fear of being so forgetful is becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.  In other words my focus on trying to not be negatively affected by this may increase it becoming a reality.  He has suggested that it would be better to just go with the flow.  What are your thoughts?  And have you ever found something in a strange location, long after you no longer needed it?



4 thoughts on “Mixing Up The Traditions or When Lupus Confuses Holidays

  1. The borrowers are definitely at work in our house! Lists are okay until you can’t find them 😉 Yes, a book in the fridge, things like that 🙂

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