Cookies, Lupus And Secret Ingredient

Who knew something so small could have such a large impact?  I’m sure my kitchen knew it although it never said a word when I made the mistake.  The kitchen probably had a smug expression when I realized that I had made a lovely batch of cookies at tasted truly horrible.  Inedible would be the right word, but it has a ring of utter failure to it.  And making cookies shouldn’t have a ring of utter failure.  Ever.

I’ve always prided myself on being able to glance at a recipe and then have the ingredients and amounts committed to memory and simply go ahead and make what I wanted.  Today I thought would be no different.  Well maybe a little different because I’m still struggling with a dreadful lupus flare.  I can’t stay resting completely and a batch of cookies or two really shouldn’t be too challenging.  But with a lupus flare comes the dreaded lupus brain fog.

Lupus brain fog is just a thick, dense, seemingly impenetrable fog that sets into your thinking.  It makes your thinking sluggish, lets your memory lose its grip temporarily and makes life a bit of an odd adventure.  So whatever I was thinking when I thought cookies would be easy was clearly wrong.  Just as my thought of being able to glance at the recipe once and produce delicious cookies was, well, laughable.

Thankfully the joys of lupus brain fog doesn’t happen that often to me.  I have enough issues with everything else lupus brings my way.  And to me, despite the issues lupus has brought to my organs, the brain fog is the scariest and most worrying aspect of this illness.  And to be honest if the worst that comes out of brain fog for me is inedible cookies, well that’s not so bad.

Now if only I can remember this when the dreaded brain fog descends again and stays for longer than its welcomed!


3 thoughts on “Cookies, Lupus And Secret Ingredient

  1. I’m right with you there, I have always loved baking but there are times now when I feel I may as well give up, I nearly always mess up the ingredients, forget to set the timer or turn the timer off and then forget to take them out of the oven! Lupus affecting my brain is certainly by far the most scary aspect of Lupus for me too!

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