Lugging Well Packed Chronic Illness

I received a set of luggage as a surprise gift today.  I don’t need a new set of luggage, most of my suitcases and such are in good shape.  Some have suffered the dreadful neglect of having never been used!  Scandalous isn’t it?😐

See my idea of travel is to pack light.  One bag, carry-on if possible would be ideal.  Not because I plan on going to some place where you don’t need a lot of clothes.  And sure you can supply up at your destination of you wish, at a price.  But smart packing takes less space and thus you can use a smaller piece of luggage and still lug a fair amount with you.

Granted these days most of my travel doesn’t require that I worry about taking a lot of items with me.  That’s the joy of having set up a sleeping place in more than one place.   (We won’t discuss the shipping or owning two sets of several items just to maintain two places to rest my head!)

So now I have a whole new set of beautiful luggage.  A set of luggage that is going to demand I use it to honor it and the people who sent it.  And thus begins the guilt of how I wont use it to its full potential.  And thus also brings the guilt of being too sick to travel, to forcing life to be a hair tethered to certain places regardless of hopes and dreams of others.

I know that when this luggage was chosen for me, as a gift, it was done with the best of intentions.  It was done due to my love of travel and inability to stay in place permanently.  And there is no denying how lovely it.  There is also no denying that I adore travel.  I just don’t adore traveling with a chronic illness that isn’t really controlled.

Does dreaming and planning trips count as a way of honouring my new luggage?


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