Bedrest Our Style

The dogs have decided that if I’m in bed resting, they too should be in bed resting.  Preferably on the same bed I happen to be using.  Preferably in the space I’m occupying. Because clearly the best spot is the one the  human is occupying.😐

Now there are two dogs to one of me, and since they use their feet to move the human, it all seems unfair to me.  For starters, each dog has four feet attached to four strong legs.  Strong legs they aren’t afraid to use!  Keep in mind they are using their sets of four feet attached to four strong legs each on the one human.  The one human with only two legs and two feet.  And this human isn’t up to strength because she is dealing with a lupus flare.

The flare has made my whole body hurt, joints are throbbing and burning and the slightest pressure creates the most intense pain. Let’s not leave out that I have the strength of a limp noodle so there is no way for me to fight back.  Right now I’m struggling with the simple things, and frankly all out bed warfare with two active and strong dogs is not in the stars.

Please understand I love my dogs dearly.  I can’t imagine life without them.  I’d just prefer that they share the bed nicely.  You know not try and crowd me out or flop on top of me.  Or dig little doggie toes into my sore body.  Or steal the pillows and pin me into the bed, leaving me unable to move.  I know they mean well, that they are trying to show me that they are there for me and I truly appreciate this.  But I’d prefer it just with a little space all the same.

Then again Beloved may have taught these dogs to do this, because it’s about the only thing that is ensuring I adhere to this thing called rest!


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