Forging Forward With Forgiveness

Forgiveness.  So much is packed behind that one word.  So much emotion, context, confrontation, and so on.  And yet people talk about it, about how freeing or liberating it is.  How it, above all else, allows you to move forward from the past.

We also hear how elusive forgiveness is, almost like a myth, and yet we know others have managed to claim t.  Some have claimed it for huge reasons and others for small reasons.

Some hurts and wrongs can be forgiven and others seem impossible to liberated by forgiveness.  Is it that we are too inclined to hold onto those hurts and wrongs that we are unable to find forgiveness?

Do we clutch our hurts and the wrongs and injustices (real or perceived) done to us so closely because at least then we have a form of armour.  Because we need proof of the wounds we have?  Or do we hold onto them because to let them go means that we accept and are okay with the hurts and injustices?

This journey I am on is forcing me to consider the immaturity of holding onto these things.  And that immaturity does not let me move forward. I also must confess to being tired of carrying all the extra weight around.  So I move forward by forgiving those who have brought injustice to my feet or hurt me in some way.  And I recognize that by moving forward I will be leaving some people behind, which is fine.  Sometimes we have to leave others behind in order to move forward with ourselves.

How is your journey going?


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