Positively Puddled

The problem with puddles is that you never know just how deep they might be.  They are. Deceptive to say the least!  I swear out walking with the two dogs today, I almost lost one, in a puddle.  Just a head and back remained above the waterline.  Granted he’s a small pug so the Puddle really doesn’t have to be all that deep, but still!  You just know puddles aren’t going tobe full of clean water that smells good, so of course this means a bath must be had.

And the dog never wants to have a bath alone.  Nope.  If the dog is getting a bath so is everything and everyone else who happens to be in the bathroom at the time! 😉😐  a how something so little can create such carnage is beyond my understanding and yet this wee pug can make it look like an oversized Clydesdale horse was in the bathroom.  Or a very robust elephant that used the water as a fountain so to speak.

The other problem with puddles is that they have a magnetic field to them.  Puddles inexplicably draw children and dogs alike.  Resistance is impossible because somehow no matter how hard the dog or child tries to avoid the puddle, they end up smack in the middle.  It is also not uncommon for the puddles to have a special effect on gravity.  How else can you explain the dog or small child that ends up sitting in the puddle?

I once told Beloved that I was positive that the puddles reproduced.  Rather a great deal and while no one was looking.  Think large numbers of puddles spawned every night.  Other puddles growing as if they are on steroids or such.

I wouldn’t feel so strongly about puddles if they were able to get the dogs clean and fresh smelling.  Granted if puddles worked that way I’m pretty sure there would be some reverse effect happen where the dogs would be repelled from puddles!  Still a girl can dream can’t she? 😉

Now if only I could get an elephant to clean the bathroom!




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