Little Luxury for Lupus Equals Huge Feelings of Liberty

If you have a medical condition that requires you to spend a fair amount of time at the hospital, it can be, well, a downer.😐  I believe there is a mathematical equation that goes a bit like this:  severity of illness + number of therapy/treatments=degree of lower happiness or satisfaction in the patient’s life.  Keep in mind that I am deathly allergic to math.

Not that treatment and hospital time is all bad,  but let’s face it this isn’t really the place you want to spend a great deal of time in.  Just like when you spend too much time in your pjs you tend to feel more of a malaise, the more time in treatment or therapy rooms can create a slight downturn in your mood.  This is where it’s great when you can get your treatment at home instead.  I understand this isn’t always practical or in the cards, but when it is, the patient’s mood has a greater chance of improving.

Please don’t misunderstand, I gather strength when I’m getting my IV treatment at the hospital.  It motivates me to work on getting my lupus under control.  It drives me to keep my visits to the minimum.  Granted the lupus side of me seems to like to visit the hospital…maybe this side of me gets frequent flier miles or such.  I guess it’s a balancing process!

When I mentioned this to my specialist he told me that given my routine and familiarity with things, I could have some of my IV treatments at home.  It’s a bit like getting a day pass because you know you still have to be tied to the treatment, but you have a freedom and luxury of having it at home.  And then there are the tiny weeny times when I still have to go into the hospital.  But for the most part it’s a wonderful option and I’m truly grateful for it.

I do appreciate all the work that goes into making treatment rooms more comfortable and relaxing, but I really appreciate this small luxury that is now in my life.  And if I can’t continue to partake in this luxury I will still be exceedingly grateful for having had it and equally grateful to those who try to keep things normal.  And I keep my amazement around how these little things amount to such huge things in my life.


2 thoughts on “Little Luxury for Lupus Equals Huge Feelings of Liberty

  1. That’s fantastic, well, I mean it would be much better if you didn’t have to have the treatment at all but if you do have to, at home has to be better 🙂

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