Cracking Up

I’ve heard that using egg as a face mask is cleansing.  I’ve also heard that washing one’s hair with egg gives it shine.  And for a cheap yet firm-holding hair product, simply crack open an egg, use the whites to create hurricane-force defying hair creations.

so my floor will been cleansed and shined with amazing hold at this rate!  Except you actually have to clean the broken eggs off the floor or they stick and make a huge mess.  Well they would if not for two dogs that have now qualms about consuming raw eggs and eggshell if you let them.   Tend to not let them partake in that feast on my floor! 😉

You see I dropped a dozen eggs onto the floor, all at once.  No I wasn’t experimenting with gravity.  It just sort of happened.  Unplanned because that just keeps life more chaotic! 😉

Of course the dogs came to help, both of them eyeing the feast with joy.  I’m sure they were plotting the best way to get at my mess without facing my wrath.  And wisely, probably after learning this from Belved himself, the decided it wasn’t worth it.

just as wisely the next dozen eggs decided not to have a repeat performance of Humpty Dumpty because that would not be happy times!  However after cleaning up the mess, running out yo get more eggs, the last thing I wanted to do was cook with the eggs.  Better they be kept safe for another time.  Perhaps I will plaster the outside of the house with stiffly beaten egg whites if these crazy storms carry on!


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