Rituals and Routines

I’m not sure if the medical community would agree that this is a good bedtime ritual, but it’s what I’ve found works. Actually it’s just my rebellion to the medication I take.  And it serves as a mean to create a soothing transition from hectic day to more sane and gentle pace.  Hence hot chocolate with pills was developed and is now something I partake of regularly.

I will switch up the types of hot chocolate I’m having, and yes come the warmer weather I will make the hot chocolate, well, cold! πŸ˜‰  It’s a compromise I have come to with lupus and so far it works, a bit.

Not all of my medication are in pill form though so I have rituals as well for my self-administered injections (classical music, comfortable setting and all the trappings with my injections).  For my IV therapy, well you guessed it, another ritual!  This one is the most complicated of all for it requires a soft blanket, a good book, a decent playlist and comfortable clothing.  Oh and a chauffeur of sorts! πŸ˜‰  I probably could drive, but after therapy I tend to not trust my judgment so I have a friend or loved one drive me.

But my relationship with lupus is, well to be blunt, complicated.  My rituals don’t always work and frankly the rituals lupus likes to use do not always provide with a good indication of what’s to come.  What?   You didn’t think lupus wasn’t going to have ritual or two as well?  Now and then lupus gives me red cheeks, swollen joints and such.  Typically these rituals indicate lupus has gained strength and is flaring more.  Sometimes lupus will mix it up and give me swollen joints, but no flare.  Other times brilliant red cheeks, feeling like I’ve been run over by a truck and yet my blood work comes back that lupus is in a resting stage!

How do you have fun with your chronic illness, lupus or otherwise?


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