Smelling Tension

Someone in this house has an aromatic problem.  Okay there’s really no sense sugar-coating this, someone in this house stinks.  Stinks bad enough to bring tears to your eyes.  Stinks bad enough that you can smell this member of the house long before you can see him.  Yes friends, it is a he.

No not Beloved, clearly not him, only because he isn’t here.  For all I know he could be bringing tears to people’s eyes with stink fumes radiating off of him.  Frankly if he is doing that, I’d rather not know! 😉  And I’d be super grateful if he kept his stinky fumes away from me.

One of the four-footed animals found a nice pile of lord-knows-what and rolled around n it.  Smeared it into his fur.  Ground it in as best he could.  And then decided that he needed to come home to me.  Surely to share his heavenly scent.  Clearly I do not appreciate it the way a female canine might as I made him have a bath, or two.

For good measure the other canine in the house also had a bath!  Not taking any chances here my friends.  My new or, who had taken them both for a walk has no idea what the dog got not, but he said he tried to stay out of smelling range where the dog is concerned because it was a bit much.

The bathroom has been scrubbed and all the rooms have been neutralized.  And needless to say I’m not n a relaxed state right now, not even remotely.  In our news that stink moved me from my status quo of nothing to tension.  Smell makes me tense.  Not all smell obviously, just whatever the dog got into!  So much for relaxing today!


4 thoughts on “Smelling Tension

  1. I feel your pain. Sometime last year my cocker spaniel got sprayed by a skunk to. Took a long time to get rid of the smell. Had to get him a new harness collar and leash. I baked him for an hour. At least after that the smell was tolerable. Now with my little Pomeranian dog I do not let him chase anything at night. Especially if it has a tail. Won’t be able to tell the difference between a cat or a skunk in the dark. It ruins his fun but saves me some pain and suffering. Chelsea

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