Device is a Devil

After a rather trying day, a friend decided we both needed a little pampering.  Now I’m all for treating myself now and then.  Typically that’s with a book or so.  But my friend had different ideas.  She thought a mini spa day was in order.  So she booked us in for a wee bit of foot care.

Small confession here, I’m not a huge fan of people touching my feet.  But I thought I’d give it a try since this friend raves about foot pampering. What could possibly be wrong with this?

it started with a nice soak in lovely scented water.  Typically I don’t soak my feet, mostly because I’m more a shower kind of girl, but even I will admit it was rather nice to just soak my feet.  And the nicely scented water was an added bonus.

This was followed by my choice of lotion being massaged into my feet.  Until my feet were being massaged I had no idea they were tired or in pain.  It was almost painful in a good way.  And when it was all finished my feet felt completely relaxed.

An interesting thing happens when one’s feet are completely relaxed.  One can feel a sense of loosening within the rest of the body.  My friend assures me it is possible to feel utterly relaxed and completely calm after a good foot massage caps off the end of a long or hard day.

So one might think, or rather I had thought, that given the massage my mind and body tracking device would indicate I had found peace, calm and relaxation.  Apparently not.  Perhaps this device is faulty!

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