Passions, Obessions and Magic Beans

The coffee maker decided go stop working today.  Good help is so hard to find and loyalty seems a thing of the past!😐

I have loved this coffee maker with an intense passion.  Always grateful that when I needed hot cup of heaven, this wonderful machine never let me down.  And then today it did.  “Maybe”, I decided when not even a drip of liquid goodness made it into my awaiting and oh so empty cup, “it needs a break”.  I can accept and even recognize that I’m a bit demanding when it comes to my coffee marker.  Let’s face it I’ve thrust an empty cup, mug, travel mug and other various drinking vessels at this coffee marker far more times than a human would tolerate.  And it’s happened at all hours.  So surely it just needed rest.  Surely it just needed some alone time, and kneeing I would never take it for granted.  Surely my dear coffee maker just needed to know my love for it was still as white-hot today as it was the day I first pulled that stunning form out of the constraining box!

I gave it hours of rest, settling for a cup of tea to start my morning before I could get to a proper coffee place.  Who does tea in the morning?  Tea is, well, boiled water and dried leaves which aren’t exactly pick-me ups.  But tea I drank, all the while a bit relieved that Beloved wasn’t here to witness me giving in to the tea.

I gave my coffee maker a reassuring and loving pat, and headed out in search of much-needed life-blood, also known as coffee.  At least in my world it is!😉  I enjoyed a good cup of coffee, headed up to the office for a bit of book gathering and then decided to check on my dear coffee maker.  After all isn’t this what you do when a loved one is under the weather?

Alas the poor machine was no better.  Not even one drop’s worth better.  Naturally I looked at how to get it fixed, called a few places and then had to admit defeat.  I was told my machine was beyond repair.  It had been used to its full life and then some, that is according to one person whose help I sought.

Perhaps my dear, sweet, much-loved coffee maker will become real now.  With all the love I gave it.  The way the Velveteen Rabbit became real.  Then again, it may be the delusions from having started my morning off with dried leaves and boiled water!

if it weren’t a matter of my life, I’d have a morning period for this machine.  But if I don’t get my morning coffee, someone may die, and it won’t be me!  No, my friends, the world is safer, better, when I get my morning coffee.  So if you’d like to donate to world peace, aka buying me a new coffee maker I’m pretty sure humanity, at least those who live near me would be ever so grateful! 😉😂

In other news, you might want to buy stock in coffee makers, given my recent history with them!😉


One thought on “Passions, Obessions and Magic Beans

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