My Desparate Quest For Calm

Friends I must confess that I’m growing a wee bit desperate at my inability to find this inner peace people talk about.  I’ve tried to relax, I’ve tried guided meditation.  Heck,  I’m wearing a device that’s supposed to detect my moments of calm etc.  I’ve frustrated three meditation instructors all to no avail.  (I’m beginning to think this is a record of sorts!)

My quest is becoming one of most desperate straits.  Desperate enough that I have come to attempting to change my vantage point so to speak.  Changing how the blood flows in a meatier of speaking.

Friends, today for the first time in more years than I care to remember, I attempted to stand on my head.  This craziness was done under the watchful eye for a trained specialist.  This wonderful woman suggested that this just might do the trick.  To be honest I think it was a last-ditch effort.  And according to my wee tracking device, it didn’t work either.

But often times quests lead us to do strange things.  Things we otherwise wouldn’t even consider doing, such as standing in our heads.  Or imagining we are entering another world by crawling through a tunnel or cave.  Or perhaps attempt to meet our spirit helper.  What’s strange to one person is in fact another’s sense of normality and routine.

And who are any of us to judge what’s normal or not normal.  What’s possible or not possible.  The one thing I’ve learned on this quest to inner peace is that you should be open to anything, trying a variety of options because you just never know what might work.

And if that doesn’t happen I’m going to assume that whatever the heck inner calm and peace happen to be, I already have them.  I’m also going to assume this little tracking device is mocking me.  And on that note, I’ve just hit another cycle of almost calm.  In case you are wondering, standing on my head did not induce a state of peace, relaxation or calm.  It did, however provide for some very entertaining observations about feet.  Oh and my sinuses are all good thanks.😉



5 thoughts on “My Desparate Quest For Calm

  1. Wim Hof breathing technique works every time for me. Check his work out!

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