Trips And Travels

“You’ll never guess where, specifically, I’m calling from right at is very minute!”  A rather excited and slightly out of breath Beloved greeted me as I answered the phone.  It’s a pet peeve of mine, when people say “you’ll never guess..” And then expect you to guess.  I you already know I will never guess, why expect me to still try?  Seems unfair to me.  (And yes for the record, I too have said “you’ll never guess”!)

Given that Beloved is currently in France, Paris to be exact, and he was calling from something that had left him slightly breathless I decided it had to be the Eiffel tower.  Evidently that was a correct guess and it took the wind out his sails for a moment.  But not a moment, because after he was in Paris and I was not.

To be honest Paris isn’t my favourite city.  I don’t even find it all that romantic, but I love the history of the place and cannot get enough of the gargoyles.  There is something mystical and magical about gargoyles.  Something whimsical and yes practical, but also wise can be found when you gaze upon these creatures.  Amazing works of art really.

But any chance to be somewhere else always catches my fancy.  It’s the whole grass being greener on the other side thing.  Well that and a huge dose of incurable wanderlust.  At least that’s my theory and until proven otherwise, it works as good as any other!

So the fact Beloved was in France and I wasn’t, well yes I was a bit green with envy.  Especially as I knew he’d be heading off to Provence soon and I have fond memories of there, with Beloved of course.  Of course the trip was well-earned and I didn’t really begrudge him his time either.  He needed a break.  A break from every day life and frankly from me. 😉

besides while I may not be in France, or any place with greener grass at the moment, but  a few fends are coming over for what we call “U.N. Meals”.  These are nothing more than a group of friends bringing comfort food from their various cultural backgrounds.  It is a gathering of good friends, a,axing food and great times.  And sometimes that’s all you need to travel to another land, just capture the flavour and style of the food!



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