Washing It All

Sometimes I forget to empty things out of my pockets before do the laundry.  This typically results in gems being washed, items that normally do not require washing.  It also happens to be my form of money laundering! 😉  (I never launder money because I never have any to worry about hiding!)

Mostly pens get put in the wash.  And some how the ink gets washed out of the pens and right into my clothes, where it stays.  I guess to remind me that no other pens lose their ink in vain.  Or something of that nature.  I mean it has to be right?  Because ink should come out in the wash, I mean that’s why we wash in the first place!

Beloved mostly washes odd bits of paper, tiny scraps with writing on them.  Notes that are obviously important when they are being written, suddenly are no longer needed and washed away.

But Beloved is a man of change as he puts it.  He is into spontaneity and living life in the moment.  And this moment is currently a few days after Halloween which means scary things are in his pockets.  Things like snack-sized chocolate bars, candies and chocolate eyeballs!  Even more scary is that Beloved has forgotten these items and into the wash they’ve gone!

Oh I know!  The horror!  Squished chocolate eyeballs, candies holding clothing together in colourful displays and let’s not forget the small chocolate bars melted to look like some biological form of waste!😳

Friends, I’m all for Beloved finding his moment, living in the edge, just not with my washing machine.  I do not need this kind of excitement in my life.  And my washing machine, well let’s just call it traditional and conservative.  Not really the kind of machine that’s in any time you call for a wild time!😉

Is this the beginning of Beloved’s mid-life crisis?  Will he come home next with a motorcycle?  (Oh please say yes!)  What’s next?  Does he grow out his hair?  Get a tattoo and bring home a teenager as his soul-mate? 😉

Or is this a sign of him getting older and more forgetful?  Maybe I should insist he stop doing the banking and leave all the big decisions up to me!  (Just kidding!).

It’s really just a sign that he is human, which I always suspected!😊


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