Getting Your Message Out

Sometimes you just have to express yourself.  Soemtimes trying hold it n is akin to feeling like you will burst open.  I’m all for expressing yourself.  I think it’s important.  But within reason please people.

Someone, I’m not naming names, decided to express himself in my house.  I’m the only female in the house and I can assure you I did not express myself in this fashion so I know it was one of the males who live here.  Okay I don’t really know, I mean some strange female may have come into my house and felt the need to express herself on the floor, but that’s pretty unlikely.  So the educated guess is that one of the males who lives here is the party who expressed himself, releasing his artistic message.  All over the floor.  😐

Now accidents I understand.  Accidents happen.  Maybe you get a startle or a fright and a little expressing happens as you rush to the appropriate place.  Maybe you are sick or otherwise injured.  Hey life happens and life is messy!  I get this.

What I don’t get is the burning urge to express yourself, unleashing your inner artist, just because you can.  This is a habit that has to stop.  Beloved swears it isn’t him.  The two four-footed ones aren’t speaking!

I also understand that different medias are all part of the artistic world.  I am okay with this.  Well other than biological waste because, just eww.   Although I understand that various artists have used medias such as bodily fluids etc. as part of their work, but I just don’t get it. Mother again art is about emotional response so maybe eww is my response.  Then again didn’t early cultures use a variety of techniques to make color stay?

All I’m saying is this installation, if you will, needs to be over with.  Because the penmanship is just horrible and I’m  not seeing anything in the ink-blots that aren’t really ink!


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