Lessons From Traffic

Isn’t it funny how depending on a view-point something can be enjoyable or use torture?  Beloved and I were driving through a small town and is ten the case when driving through small, rural towns the world over, something happens to bring traffic to a standstill.  IN this case it was goats and young children crossing the street, slowly and n a dreamy fashion that caused the traffic delay.

Typically we exit that things may take more time when we are driving like this, typically it isn’t a big deal.  But for some reason this time it drove Beloved and I antsy.  We didn’t have to be anywhere particular for any specific time and yet you’d think our lives depended on this traffic moving quickly.  At least that’s if you based it on our conversation.

Id like to say this is a one-off, that this is so out of the ordinary for me, but often times I find myself feeling impatient.  Especially when I in the middle of growing, traveling or learning something.  When I’m caught up n those moments, every second seems to be precious.

When im not n the middle of something, I sometimes don’t consider those seconds as precious for some reason.  In the end, when we get down to it all, isn’t every second precious no matter how we spend it?  Isn’t every interaction, every experience something we can learn from if only we stop and consider it in that light?

My journey, to find my mission certainly has me reconsidering how I see “ordinary” things.  There is potential for the ordinary to become extra ordinary if we allow it!  How about?  Have noticed these opportunities too or did I inhale too many exhaust fumes stuck in traffic? 😉  Maybe, if it is from the fumes, I’m okay with that too.


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