What’s Holding You Back

The problem with going on a journey is you never exactly what to bring. Mature you have some idea of the terrain and the weather, but how many layers should you bring?  Flip-flops or is that a bit too casual?

Part of the reason why this creates issues is that you have no clue what’s just around e bend.  You never get the traffic report for weeks ahead and if you do, let’s face it, it wouldn’t be accurate anyway!😉

So the weather changes and there are detours to take and construction to slow you done, but in the end it becomes part of the journey.  I can accept this, I understand this.  What I didn’t understand, not until recently anyway, is that a lot of times I’m my own biggest obstacle. And not in the sense of tripping over my own feet, although since we are being honest here you better believe that happens too! 😉

No, the obstacles I’m talking about are self talk, self-limiting beliefs and fear.  Okay so fear is a big one.  Fear of being judged or making a huge mistake.  Fear of failure or finding out I’m wrong.  Yep these are fears that definitely get in the way.

Self talk is another big one.  I am my own worst critic.  I suspect in the end we all are.  I mean we know our faults, our deepest darkest truths, and we know that others treat us too kindly in some ways.  I know where I am weak and I tend to dwell on those faults.  But I’m trying to change that by recognizing the only way to get stronger is to work on the stuff I’m weak in rather than staying away from it.and this means I’m changing how I talk to myself.  I know and acknowledge I’m weak, but I don’t stop there…I assure myself I’m working on it, getting stronger and learning more.

Self-limiting beliefs go hand in hand with self talk.  And let me tell you I have far more people who believe in me than I can count.  I’m always a bit surprised that these people believe in me when I struggle to find the same belief about myself, for myself, by myself.  But as I change how I talk to myself, as I change the very words and tone I use, I find my ability to belief in myself is changing too.

And I’m only starting to stumble my way along in this journey.  What other wonderful things will I learn whenever  learn to stop holding myself back?!  What holds you back? how do you let yourself go forward and grow?  I can’t wait to hear from you!


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