Halloween Spent How

There are as many ways to spend Halloween as there are costumes to wear.  Over the years I’ve participated in several different ways to celebrate the occasion.  But nothing tops the way my friends spent their Halloween.

Apparently if you want a real horror show, go to the Emergency Room on Hallow’s Eve. This is what my friends shared with me when they finally returned from their visit.  They assured me the visit had it all, scares, noise, blood and guts (okay technically vomit, but still).😐

If it’s all the same to everyone, I think I will pass n this Halloween adventure.  No amount of tricks or treats will make me want to spend Halloween, or any other night really,  at that specific locale.  Well unless I need to be there that is.

Another friend took her three-year old step-daughter out in the time-honoured North American tradition of trick or treating,  Her step-daughter happily went a block collecting candy in the neighbourhood and then decided she had “millions and million” of candy and so she “should go home and not take more than (her) share”.   Cute and sweet, Granted in a few short years she may change her view on this and stay out longer.😉

Beloved spent Halloween bent over papers, editing with an orange pen to be “festive”.  Well that and doing some quality control tests of the candy we were handing out.  A fair amount of quality control is required to meet the standards of due diligence!😉

Hopefully everyone managed a safe and happy halloween with lots of treats and only the fun kind of tricks!


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