It’s That Tme Of Year…You Know, Where You Dream Of Other Climes

The cold wet weather is upon us now.  I’m not a huge fan of the cold.  I’ve been known to plan and plot ways to avoid the cold.  I’ve not always been successful with these plans, but at least it takes my mind somewhat off the cold.  Temporarily, until I step back outside that is! 😕

Wet I don’t mind.  Actually there is something magical about walking in the rain on a hot summer day, the water seems warm as the raindrops splatter against your bare skin.    That kind of wet I don’t mind.  Wet that is cold, is a slightly different story.  Just not a raving fan of it.

Between my scheming and plotting, I secretly plan how to stay warm and not look overdressed.  This can become an adventure all of its own because half the time I’m dressing for outdoor weather and then also indoor “weather”.

With all these plots and schemes I’ve come across some favourite things.  Some I’ve stumbled on, some I’ve found after searching and others have been gifts.  The gifts are by far the best because they represent someone’s love and thoughtfulness.

Today, with the cold joining the wet  knew it was time to pull out some of these fa route items.  I have a lovely wrap of the palest blue, like a summer sky at noon.  It’s as light as a feather, but comfortable and oh so warm.  Then there is the pair of red socks, another fabulous gift that make me giggle when I wear them.  Not only are they warm and comfortable, they are a brilliant, cheery red.  Just the thing for cold and dreary weather.

I also pulled out my white fuzzy gloves.  These are like clouds on my hand.  Well I honestly don’t know how clouds feel, but I imagine how soft and delightful these gloves feel is exactly how clouds would feel.  If you wore them.  On your hands.  My fuzzy white gloves were also a gift and one dearly treasured as they are from someone special.  I’ve worked hard to keep them pristine and white!  (It goes without staying that keeping things white is a rather superhuman challenge for me!  That shows how much I treasure these gloves.)

Now none of these items have actually removed me from the cold or the wet cold.  To do that I’d have to move to some place that just never gets cold.  Tempting, very tempting.  But I’m sure there drawbacks to those laces, like perhaps drought.  Drought and I would have issues, because remember I like wet, provided it isn’t cold wet! 😉

Beloved swears there is no place that would meet my requirements.  Not even most of them.  Pretty sure he’s right about that.  But shhh!  We don’t need to let him know that!😉 Let’s just have him focus on me not being cold and wet! 😉





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