Nature’s Version Of Bubblewrap

When you are little, there is something satisfying about scrunching your way through the fallen leaves.  The more they crunch and crack the more joyful the experience.  But of course we grow older, we become to cool to still crunch the leaves under our feet.  At least when people are watching us!😉

I watched a young mother share the joy of crunching leaves with her four years daughter.  Her eighteen month old son didnt seemed as thrilled about walking through it all, but I figure this time next year he’d be marching along with his sister.

To me walking through those dry, crackle leaves has a sort of satisfaction that is close to the feeling you get from popping the bubbles in bubble wrap.  It’s just pleasing in some strange way and hard to resist! 😉  Well it’s hard to resist until and creepy crawly ends up in your shoe or you get a fresh supply of manure stuck to your foot.  For me once that icky factor is met, I know I’ve over-crunched.

As we get older the crisp, sharp sounds of the crunchy can become muffled.  The crunching can get lost in the shuffling of feet that seem heavier, or unable to lift up as high as they once did.  Where we once jumped in those piles we now leave them for others and take joy in jumping and crunching that makes the children smile.  A passing of the torch so to speak!

I suppose the leaves, like most things, are enjoyable in their crunchiness because it doesn’t last all year-long.  The temporary moments of the fun crunching are gone in the blink of an eye and the shake of a head.  Which is probably a good thing given how much the four-footed ones have decided to bring into this house this year.  Or is it the leaves that have decided to come into my house and are using the dogs as a means of transportation? Either way they cannot stay in the house, as the house is a crunch-free zone when it comes to leaves!

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