Booking Traditions From Angels

The pre-Christmas blitz is just starting to get under way.  The first hints of what are the must haves and must die fors are starting to be revealed.  Growing up , I recall how this time used to happen closer to Christmas.  Long after the excitement and frights of Halloween were past, my father would place his order for my mother’s angel.

Every  year, without fail, my dad would present my mom with an angel for that year’s Christmas.  And every year she’d display her complete collection during the Christmas season.  As the collection grew how and where the Angels were displayed changed.  I recall a few making appearances in odd places, like the kitchen and bathroom.

How and why this tradition started between my parents is a secret.  What it meant to them has always been a mystery to me.  I do know that as the years went by my father would struggle to find just the right angel for that year.  Some how he always seemed to pull it off and the tradition would carry on!

Beloved and I do not have any type tradition other than providing each other with the written word.  Basically we try to find each other favourite books, especially ones from each other’s childhoods, and provide tha magic again for each other.

There is  something magical and mysterious about providing a loved one with a first edition cool of his/her favourite book.  The mystery is how such an old book, a loved story, can reach so many of the senses.

This then is our tradition, sharing of books and trying to find just the right one for each other.  It isn’t a magical angel, nor is it carving and designing the Halloween pumpkin for the year together.  Just words, loved words, shared between the two of us.  I hope we keep this tradition going for a long time as there are a lot of books I adore!  And there is something truly wonderful about sharing a favourite book with a favourite person! 😉

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