Smoke Wisps Of Burning Love

The smoke alarm was going off again.  A massive sign that once again I had tried to rush things by using too high a heat in an effort to cut down on the time required to cook.  I’m pretty sure friends and family know to simply follow the billowing smoke to our place when I’m cooking! 😉

Beloved finds this wee trait of mine to be enduring.  At least that’s what he says to my face.  Behind my back I’m sure he’s wondering what all insurance will cover if I should ever manage to burn the house down. 😉 Of course what he finds so enduring isn’t the smoke signals themselves, but rather the fact that I’ve become caught up in something else after planning a rather ambitious meal and lost track of time so I am faced with not enough time to cook the meal.  A meal planned for him.  Although I must say, in my defence, I’ve never actually planned to serve charcoal or artifacts as meals.  It just happens that’s way.  😉

Fish can easily become a charcoal like briquette.  So can chicken and vegetables.  As for artifacts, give me a turkey or a roast, a few hours and I can provide you with something that looks like it came from an archeological dig. 😉  Of course with talents like these I save them for special occasions and the one that I love!  😊

The more important or special the occasion, the more likely for the alarm to go off.  For very special occasions, wisps of smoke spill from the windows to remind Beloved to come home!  Of course the smoke will also signal to him that he should stop off and bring some edible food home. 😉

Hey, some ladies use lace sleepwear to let their men love them, and I use burnt food!

The occasion?  Beloved had managed to land his dream, even if just for a few moments.  It’s not often we can hold our dreams and see them come to life, so this was something to celebrate.  To celebrate for him and to celebrate him.  To show him I am proud of him, and share my love.  The smoke?  Straight out of the oven.  A whole meal offers up as a burnt offering, I guess you could say.  Or, my burning love for him on display!


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