Jumping In

When I was a kid, there was something completely tempting about big piles of leaves.  I never actually jumped into the piles, but they were always tempting.  The thing is, the temptation never outweighed the fear of my mama when I came home covers in dirt and debris!  😉  I’m pretty sure the reason I didn’t have monsters under my bed for a period of time was because even the monsters were scared of my mama! 😊

I grew up believing that my mama had eyes in the back of her head, knew everything and was given the power of the “look”.  You know, how some people can just provide a look and make everyone else freeze or wither?  Yep that’s my mama’s look!

Now these talents, such as eyes in the back of the head must be a mama thing.   I’m not a mama, and I can assure you the four-footed ones who live with me certainly don’t seem to be scared of me.  Not that I want them to be afraid of me, but it would be nice to have them dread the outcome of walking through mud and then coming into the house and leaving their paw prints everywhere!😐

Our neighbor’s have decided to create a massive pile of leaves.  One that would tempt any child walking nearby.  Okay one that has already tempted several children in the neighbourhood!  And has now tempted the dogs.  Well okay the dogs and Beloved.  So far Beloved has managed to avoid jumping in the leaves himself.  I don’t think it’s because of any look I’ve given him that’s managed to put fear in him.  No dear readers, I suspect the fear comes him breaking bones!  😉

As for the dogs, I reckon he doesn’t really want to have to explain how he let the dogs go loose all over the neighbourhood! 😊

Beloved has, of course, thought of putting the in his own pile of leaves, but he’d have to borrow someone’s leaves in order to make it happen.  And while I may not have a look to scare the monsters from under the bed, he wouldn’t be thrilled with having to clean up the mess in the yard, the house and bathe the dogs! 😊

Maybe he will settle for a huge pile of pillows to jump into! 😉



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