Sign Of The Times or Hoovering Neglect

Lessons learned today:  if we are in danger of running out of food, do not panic, there is clearly tons of food in our carpets and chairs.  😐  At least this is according to the dogs who seem to have felt the need to run a few dry runs.  Judging from their behavior we are good to go for just about any disaster for a period of time.

Now granted the downside to this little discovery is that evidently the housekeeping has slipped a wee bit.😮  But honestly it’s not my fault!  It’s the dogs you see, they aren’t the tidiest of eaters.  I think it’s the whole lack of thumb things, but I won’t deny I’ve failed to teach them to chew with their mouths closed!  Of heavens I have tried, but it’s a bit too hard!  Or maybe I gave up a bit too soon!

And since I’ve been unable to maintain the house while I’m under the weather, or rather an elephant known as lupus has moved into the house, the floor has become the new hiding place for food.  Okay so it’s food that has fallen out of the dogs’ mouths or bits that fell off when they took bits.  And in a way they are sharing!

Least you think the dogs don’t make use of the chairs when we are gone, the crumbs in them are proof that will hold up in any court.

Now I can agree that consuming dog food, milk bones and such as less than appealing, however desperate times call for les picky eating habits.  Although, I confess, I’m not sure I could reach that level.  No offence to my four-legged friends.

Of course my Hoover is feeling a bit neglected, but you know, all in the name of the self-preservation it might be okay.  Then again I can’t fathom dying surrounding and buried in a pile of crumbs from the dogs.

So a housekeeping it is.  Oor I will have to give in and let Beloved fix the mess,,even if that means him singing over the sound of the Hoover. 😉


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