Special Collection

I recently acquired a new specialist in my life.  I’ve decided I might as well get a full collection, perhaps a limited edition one.  I didn’t start off wanting to get a collection of specialists of course.   Companies might seek out specialists, but I don’t think people dream of owning a full set of medical specialists.  Not for dealing with their health.

Now my collection is varied in many ways from what each one specializes in to how they manage patient care.  It’s almost like the Seven Dwarves!  😉  Seriously, I have a specialist who is always happy, countered by my new one who seems to be grumpy (or happiness challenged as his nurse puts it).  My version of sneezy is the specialist I see who seems to be sensitive to all sorts of smells including the unscented laundry detergent.  I’ve yet to make it through an appointment with her where she doesn’t sneeze several times.😊  Yes even sleepy is covered.  Sleepy is in fact my favourite.  He doesn’t actually sleep, but when he is puzzled or thinking, he tends to lean back in his chair and close his eyes. This may go on for several minutes, him sitting there, eyes closed and leaning back in the chair with not a word said.

I also have a specialist who I call Directly.  Why?  Because he never sugar coats a thing.  As a matter of fact when he delivered less than pleasant news to me last time, he never with the pleasantries, just came right out and informed me things were bad and what exactly was bad.  He even said that this could be the thing that kills me prior to informing me what he thought I should do.  I suspect a lot of people leave his office in a state of shock.  And this doesn’t appear to phase him.  I asked him what happened to bedside manners or delivering bad news gently.  He informed me he isn’t that type of Doctor, he is good at solving medical issues, not holding hands.  Sometimes, in chronic illness care, you need that.

Now if you had told me, when I was younger, I’d have this type of variety of specialists in my life I would have wondered how hard you hit your head.  But several years ahead and here we are. But the added bonus is this collection set I have of specialists I guess.

2 thoughts on “Special Collection

  1. What a great post, I love your dwarf specialists! I think one of mine could be grunty, all the time I talk he makes noises of agreement every couple of words 🙂 x

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