Hope All Bottled Up In A Parking Lot Near You

He swore that if I just did this one thing, I’d be healed.  Healed of lupus, joint damage and other organ issues brought on by lupus or the meds I take to control lupus so it doesn’t kill me.  Yep, I’m that kind of girl who will probably die of complications from my meds, their side effects and what have you!😉

But in the parking lot stood this man, a man who held the miracle and cure-all in his hand and all I had to do was buy a huge bottle of these pills from him and I’d be as good as new and as right as rain.  He promised it so it must be true!😊

Pit never ceases to amaze me how many people figure they have the cure, the miracle that will fix whatever ails you.  The only thing you have to do is buy the pill, drink the juice, purchase the machine or do one weird thing.

Now I don’t think Western, modern medicine is the be all and end all.  Let’s face it, if it were there would be cures and means of preventing a myriad of illnesses and conditions.  And there is something about practices that have been around for centuries and seem to work.  We tend to, those of us in the West, dismiss anything that isn’t from a lab or something that we can explain.  It’s easy to discredit some of these ancient practices from Eastern medicine, until we start looking more closely at them and seeing that they do work.

People of faith will also indicate that there are things that happen that can not be explained.  Things that truly are miracles.  The skeptics will say it’s a case of misdiagnosis to begin with.  Either way it means that sometimes the ending isn’t what we expected.

But I’ve yet to hear or see a cure come to someone who has purchased a bottle of pills, or drink or what have you from an individual who approached him/her in a parking lot of a store.  Just doesn’t seem to happen.  That would be a miracle of sorts! 😉

I walked away from him and his bottle of pills.  I just couldn’t bring myself to see hope in a bottle of pills sold in a parking lot of a grocery store.


3 thoughts on “Hope All Bottled Up In A Parking Lot Near You

  1. I hear you. Lupus turns us into terrible realists.

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