Lupus And Lack Of Nice Things

We don’t have nice things because of lupus  At least that’s how I word it.  I mean I do have a few nice things, but not many.  It isn’t a matter of economies such much as it is practicalities.  And I guess it isn’t so much lupus as much as how it affects me and thus I’ve decided not much in the way of nice things.  Because they will just get ruined.

I know that seems a bit harsh and perhaps a shade unfair to lupus.  Maybe it is, but I will be the first to admit I am not the most impartial or unbiased person when it comes to living with lupus.  😐

I never used to have tremors and weakness in my hands, not to mention joint issues.  I discovered the weakness one day when I was carrying a cup of coffee to where I was reading.  Let’s just say the coffee had to make a most grand entrance, shattering the peace as it splashed and sloshed all over the chair and white walls.😮  The mug I usually used was shattered and I was puzzled as to why it felt so heavy that day.  Fast forward a bit and you will see food on the floor from when I was preparing a meal to share with some friends.  I hadn’t intended on serving it off the floor, but my weak, sore hands had a different idea. 😐

Lover the years I’ve spilled, sloshed, shattered and smashed far too many this due to ose strange issues with my hands.  Let’s not even discuss how sometimes my feet like to get in me the act and pretend as though they are cement and thus unable t move.  Yep they help my hands in their effort to redecorate rooms and ensure I get new dishes and cups.

Least you think it’s just my hands, I can assure you lupus has a sneaky way of making my feet trip me up.  Or they can suddenly turn into blocks of heavy, unmovable cement.  They do like to work in conjunction with my hands for the maximum spillage and breakage outcome.  I suspect they plot, he four of them, while I’m resting.

And for those of you who think resting is surely not going to prevent me from having nice things, let me introduce you to exhaustion lupus style.  This exhaustion is the kind that gets into every cell in my body and forces me to collapse.  This type of exhaustion when it hits, hits like a hammer and there is nothing you can do but collapse.  It doesn’t care if I’ve taken off my makeup or not. And this brings me to why I can’t have nice things and rest in conjunction with lupus.  Makeup that has been smooshed into pillows, linens and such equals not good for nice things.  Never mind the magic that somehow takes places when this happens that turns my face into some abstract canvas with makeup everywhere.😐

Clothes and shoes aren’t safe either.  Spills, dribbles, drops and splashes have incredible accuracy when it comes to landing on these items.  The more important the occasion, or the more fancy of these items I happen to be wearing, the greater the likelihood will be that something will end up n my shoes or clothes.  Typically something that will stain or ruin things.

Sure some of the issues are brought on by my stress or fear, but lupus feeds off of both of these things.  So I like to blame lupus for why I don’t have lots of nice things.  The nice things I do have I try to protect from my lupus body, well other than Beloved.  I do try to shield him from the worst of it, but I figure he’s washable if something should be spilled, sloshed or slopped on him! 😉


2 thoughts on “Lupus And Lack Of Nice Things

  1. “Hits like a hammer” – you nailed it. Like running into a brick wall.

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