Not Like The Picture, Not By A Longshot

If you are at all like me, no matter how hard you try, whatever you make never ends up being exactly like the picture.  No amount of begging, pleading, poking or prodding will make the food or whatever it is that I am creating turn out like the picture.

Now some folks will call it artistic license, or creative flow.  There’s a thought that things will turn out the way they are supposed to for each individual, which. Of course means you never get to replicate the same thing exactly the same way each time.  Unless, and this is the big part, you happen to be one of those people who’s gift is to replicate things as they appear or as you always make them.

Me, as I said, I am not blessed with this gift.  Nor am I blessed with the gift to throw unique items together and pull off anything effortless and tasteful that is uniquely mine. So in my world, I use pictures as a general guideline and never show anyone an example of what the it should look like, rather they just see my end result! 😊

I guess you could call it my own twist on things.  I figure we each have our own gifts, how we come to find them and how we use them will change and if you are a bit like me you will probably always be awkward in your journey to finding your purpose, gifts and talents.  And if you are even a bit like me you will slog your way through this mess of life never really knowing or being sure where, what or how you should be using what you may perceive as your gifts.

Maybe, when I’m old, really truly old, I will have gained the wisdom to know what my gifts or talents might be.  And maybe, by that time, one thing I endeavour to create will turn out just like he picture, but I doubt it.  I’m too much of a rebel at heart! 😉


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