What They Say vs What It Is

It’s a phase, they say.  A stage you will out-grow they say.  Of course no one will give you a definite timeframe for when that specific phase ends or when you will out-grow something.  Oh so helpful!

I’m still waiting for that moment when I’ve out-grown that sense of everyone watching and judging me.  Of course I’m also waiting for the stage of being awkward in certain situations just disappears!

Since neither of these things have happened and I’m adult settled well into adulthood for that matter, what I have come to learn is that you don’t always outgrow things and phases don’t always end.  What changes is you.

How I deal with those awkward moments, or what I perceive as awkward, has changed.  I’ve gotten better at not worrying about being awkward and moving through social situations differently.  I’ve also come to realize that just as I think everyone is watching and judging me, thus making me self-conscious, everyone else has these same feelings and concerns.  The reality is we are all too worried and self-conscious to really scrutinize others to that extent.

So to those people who’ve told me it’s just a phase and that I will out-grow it, I say hooey to you!  To those who feel all awkward and self-conscious, I assure you that at some point you will learn how to handle these things in a way that works best for you!  Hang in there and share your experiences with others if you feel you can.


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