Who Is Responsible, Or What I’ve Learned About Justice As A Child

I grew up with some very close friends, they went with me every where I went and partook in all my fun and activities.  They also tended to be a bit on the naughty-side.  I’d like to say I’ve out grown them, but now and then they still make an appearance in my life.  Their names say it all:  Wasnt-Me and I-Dont-Know.

So many times, while I was growing up Wasnt-Me would break or damage things.  My parents would insist that I had broken or damaged an item.  When I protested, insisting Wasnt-Me was responsible, my parents became more frustrated.  If something was moved or hidden, you can bet your dollar that I-Dont-Know was behind the act. But of course no one believed me no matter how earnestly I offered up the name of the offender.

I suppose though, part of my parents problem was that they couldn’t see either of my two friends.  That may be why they struggled to accept that I was in fact answering their questions and not being a brat!  😉

It wasn’t that I asked for these friends, rather they chose me.  I think they probably were a bit like elves or such where they visited lots of children, caused mischief and then ran away leaving the children to deal with the fall out.  Woe to the child who had parents such as mine.  We were left holding a bag that we couldn’t possible explain away.

In a fit of rage, although now looking back now I’d  say it was ingenuity, my father claimed to dust for finger prints after a clock was broken.  According to my father it was impossible for Wasnt-Me to have been responsible for the breakage because only my finger prints were found on the evidence.  Well of course my finger prints would be in the evidence, I had touched it after it was broken.  Had been less scared and a little faster on my feet I could have argued logically that since Wasnt-Me was invisible it stands to reason that the finger prints perpetrator would be invisible too.

Instead I got punished because I made the mistake of touching the evidence after the fact.  But I learned a valuable lesson from my two friends, always wear gloves around them so as not to leave finger prints! 😉  Actually what they both taught me is that sometimes justice cannot handle the full truth, blind or otherwise.


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