The Seasons Two View Points

It’s the time of year where I can finally exhale, even if just for a few moments.  Summer has wrapped up, which means wedding season is winding down completely thank goodness!  😉

Christmas season hasn’t started up yet so I don’t have to go through that torture just yet.  Don’t  me wrong, I don’t have anything really against Christmas, other than that there is some false cheer, and worst of all, dressing up!  Yep almost like wedding season.

After Christmas there is a bit of time to exhale again before spring and summer hit us.  And once again it’s time to stop exhaling and get on with the getting in of whatever it is that is happening.

Basically shoes that aren’t comfortable, dresses I will never wear again and gifts to buy.  Oh wait sounds like Christmas, but with better weather!  OKay honestly it isn’t all that bad, but those tend to be my immediate impression of it.

Beloved doesn’t see it this way, to him Summer is time to spend with friends and make peace with nature.  Autumn is a time of color and getting away with embracing your inner child with Halloween.  Christmas is time with loved news and finds and then Spring comes along with fresh color and a new beginning again.

Beloved also will tell you that Spring and Summer are times of weddings.  That Autumn is a time of bounty and harvest and then Christmas rounds out the winter.  Of course he likes getting dressed up, mostly because he doesn’t wear heels and he can wer the same suit without worry.  Just once I’d like him to have to get the uncomfortable shoes and spend way too much in a dress he will never wear again!😉

I guess it is all matter of what you want to see and take from it!


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