Tightropes, Rapids, Lupus and Friendship

A friend asked me if I had ever considered tightrope walking as a hobby.  She also asked if I’d do over large river gorge.  The answer to both questions is no, no and you.   Not my cup of tea as they say.

i was rather intrigued as to why she posed the question in the first place.  She told me that the way she sees it, the sometimes cavalier attitude I have to my own health woes are akin to tightrope walking.  I should point out she works in the medical profession.  To her, when I make a choice that isn’t what a medical profession could fully get behind, I’m taking another step on a tightrope stretched across a massive chasm.

I appreciate her concern, as well as her sharing how she sees things.  I may not accept that everything she says is exactly as she sees them, but I know she means well,  I also know that she has education, knowledge and experiences that I do not have.  And I appreciate that she brings this all to the relationship.

What I appreciate most is that she will voice her concern, but not be offended if I chose to do something she doesn’t agree with.  And because she has worked with terminally ill patients, she gets that sometimes with lupus I just want to live.  She just tries to find trade offs so the fall isn’t too far or too hard.

When you have a chronic illness like lupus there are thousands of things you aren’t supposed to do, or be cautious with.  When you’ve had these “rules” or guidelines as I see them imposed on so much of your life for a long time, sometimes you just need to shake it off.  You just need to balance towards normalcy and the guidelines of navigating these chronically unpredictable waters.

At these times its best to have someone who is going to hold the safety line, but still let you experience the water, and not judge your choices.  It also helps if your friend holds the towel to dry off after you got wet, just as she knew would happen! 😊


4 thoughts on “Tightropes, Rapids, Lupus and Friendship

  1. Tightropes are great, it’s only Lupus!!! I’m sure my doctor would shudder to know that I am happy to eat anything out of date so long as it passes the look, smell, taste test even though I am on immunosuppressants! x

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