A Sign Of What?

In my line of work signs and symbols are just part of the daily landscape.  Some of the symbols and signs are easier to determine than others and a great deal is open to conjecture.  That’s part of the fun in my job, when I’m fortunate enough to be able to examine and consider these various markings.

So you’d be forgiven if you think that I’m good with all signs and symbols.  Even Beloved assumed I’d be able to see a sign from what we found at the backdoor and then on the flagstone path.  But I’m not good with nature, not really.  So when we discovered four spiders outside our backdoor, Beloved asked me what it meant.

Okay so at first then jumped back first and then asked me about the significance of the number.  Now in some studies, four represents the sacred four directions, balance and harmony.  I’m not certain that’s why there were four spiders on our house, just outside the back door.  I’m also no expert in spiders, but I figured the house must be ideal hunting ground for them.  I hazarded a guess that there was a decent amount of whatever  it is they were consuming and thus good, plentiful hunting had brought them close.  To be honest I’ve never seen four large spiders together before, save the pet store where you can buy big, hairy spiders for pets! 😮

And when Beloved stopped on one of the flagstone steps and peered down, I saw what had caught his eye.  Three rather large slugs, one was doing something that appeared to akin to waving it’s antennae at us.  In some studies, the number three represents completion and perfection.  Think along the lines of the trinity if you must.  Not that I’m comparing the three slugs to the trinity, but rather the sacredness of the number three.

Now I know nothing really about slugs, so maybe they get together in large numbers all the time.  Maybe we had a slug family of a father, mother and child slug.  No clue really.

If we lived n different times, if I was a shaman perhaps then I’d be able to make sense of the signs nature was providing us.  The spider, after all is known as a creature of creation and in some societies it was grandmother spider who saved/created humanity or the earth.  I’ve never found what the slug symbolizes other than laziness perhaps.  But to me, these signs and e symbolism behind the animals is nothing more than nature at our house.  Thankfully not inside the house! 😊

To Beloved these signs from nature are not good.  He sees nature coming this close in what he refers to as “gross” numbers as a sign that soon they will be in the house.  And to be honest on of the spiders was awfully close to sneaking in the door.

Now im with Beloved in not wanting them in the house, but I’m not seeing any signs showing the end of times.  Then again I could be wrong since I tend to work in theory and not reality!  I also tend not to seek out symbols and signs in my every day life so I could be missing all sorts of stuff.

If you have any ideas about the spiders or slugs, please share with me so I can share with Beloved and avoid his desire to stock up on water and food.😐


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