Lessons From The Autumn Trees

Someone once said they only things that are certain is death and taxes.  Now if you have the means you  can find ways to reduce what you pay taxes or not pay them at all.  I figure of you aren’t paying taxes you shouldn’t have a say in how the country is being run, nor should you have access to any of the systems available.  Unless you aren’t paying taxes because you don’t make any money, but that’s a different story.

Death, on the other hand, is unavoidable. Nature you can do things to prolong your life and no ne will deny medicine has come a long way.  But in the end we all die. You can’t pay someone off to stay living and as much as popular culture would have us believe zombies and vampires are abound and providing eternal life, that’s not reality.  Reality is, at some point, we all must make our exit.  How we do that is, to a degree at least, up to us.

I won’t deny that I’ve always been enamoured with the idea of dying with dignity rather than a long and drawn death given my health issues.  But that also doesn’t mean I am enamoured with going out while my life is still at the top of things for myself either.  I always thought when the time grew small, the breaths more precious that maybe I’d look for the exit.

But there is also something to be said for dying naturally as it were.  Nature doesn’t have any opt out clauses really and animals don’t typically chose their ending.  So as I look to nature I wonder if it wouldn’t be better to do this dying stuff a bit like the autumnal trees.  The way that even at the end there is a vibrancy and quiet beauty to them.  Perhaps a graceful changing, one last show of charter, the way the leaves change color, lingering a bit for those who still need to see and hold that beauty until there is a reason to fall off the tree.

After all love, like beauty, is much in the eye of the beholder.  And love doesn’t worry about the stages of life because love is simply consumed with loving and being loved.  And love doesn’t ask us to hold on when we have lost our ability to do so, just as a tree cannot demand that a leaf remain attached after it has changed color and faded to a dry remnant of itself.


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