Cutting The Grass And Finding Your Place

Beloved took it upon himself to cut the grass even though we have a service the comes to take care of it.  If he was here more he wouldn’t want the service, but given that he isn’t here all that often and I’m not always able to find the energy to do so, we have a service that cuts the grass.

However to Beloved, cutting the lawn looks like fun.  From running the lawnmower to emptying the bag, the whole thing looks like a delight to him.  So when he has a chance he pulls out the lawnmower, checks the gas, and gets to cutting. He is in his glory, cutting diagonal lines, or straight up and down or, when the fancy hits him he does circles.  He will stop and look at what’s already cut and what needs to still be done and grin like a fool.

When he is finished he will come into the house pleased and proud of himself.  To him this is a very North American thing to do, cutting the grass.  He didn’t grow up here, he didn’t grow up with grass near his house so he had no need to learn how to cut the lawn. But now when he is here, it’s what he enjoys.

Now I’m not complaining any.  If cutting the grass makes him happy then fine he can go and do that.  But the man gets little bits of grass everywhere.  I have no idea how it ends up on his hair and on his face, but by the time he is done, he is a bit of a green man.  Oh not the kind you find in Europe in the churches.  No I’m talking about the kind where a man ends up with a lot of green on him.  😉😀

And when he has finished with the lawnmower he has this need to walk through the house, several rooms, just to grab some clothes and hit the shower.  It is as if he is on a mission to spread as much grass throughout the house as possible in the shortest amount of time.  And the dogs can the left out so they end up with grass in them.  Grass that they then transport throughout the rest of the house, just to ensure maximum coverage. 😐

And after he is cleaned up he will call the service we have and let them know that for this week they don’t need to come,he has taken care of the grass.  They will remind him that he has paid for them to come and that there won’t be any type of discount for him doing the work and he will assure them it’s okay and wish them a good day.  Then he will sit down and read a book, feeling secure in his ability to fit in here.  At least when it comes to cutting the grass.


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