The Poop Job – A Heist Surely Not Designed To Gain Fame

Garbage day.  No matter where I’ve lived, every place has a garbage day.  Some places have a weekly garbage day and others have a bi-weekly one.  I’ve even lived in places where garbage isn’t picked up, but instead you drop them off.  But it’s still garbage day in the end.

Beloved, when we are together, tends to take care of getting the garbage gathered and set outside for pick up.  Strangely the man seems to enjoy this.  Who am I to question what brings him joy, especially if it means that I don’t have to take the trash out! 😊

Last garbage day Beloved gathered the garbage and out it all in the appropriate place.  I took him to the airport and then ran a few errands.  When I came home one of the garbage bags was missing.  It hadn’t fallen behind the others or tumbled into the alley.  It was simply gone.

Considering I knew the contents of the bag I was more than a little puzzled.  This particular bag came from the can that is reserved for the dogs.  Yep someone stole took a garbage bag full of dog poop filled little bags.  😯

Why someone would take it, I’ve no clue.  Why the fact that it was taken disturbs me, I also have no clue.  I mean who wants poop?   Of course there may be a chance that someone taking bag had no idea what they took!  In that case it was bound to be a bit of a surprise!

On the other hand the garbage collection people are probably thrilled to not have to grab this tightly sealed bag this week.  We always make sure he bag is double bagged and well sealed because, well, it’s poop.  I can’t imagine that being a pleasant task.

Bank heists?  I get them.  Art theft?  Sure.  Even property and car theft.  But a poop heist?  What can you hope to gain from that?   What value is there in poop?  You can’t hold it for ransome and I doubt there is a black market for it.  Its just not normal so that leaves the umm abnormal or paranormal.  Poop demons or aliens?


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