Walking In The Rain

We had decided to take a walk down by the water’s edge.  This is a walk we’ve done countless times and it never gets old.  We normally take the dog, now suddenly dogs, along with us because it’s great for new smells and such.

Given where we live, grabbing an umbrella is now the norm in my life.  I still bristle at willies, but the amount of rain here is insane.  It’s not a monsoon, it’s just that wet shoes take forever to dry out and I’m not a fan of damp shoes when walking.  Still we both opted to risk wet feet.

True to form, the rain burst forth when we were half way there.  The dogs were soaked, but they’d stop and shake off the rain and then commence happily trotting along to the next new smell.  Beloved slouched down inside of himself in an effort to try not get drenched.  Yes we had the umbrella with us, but we weren’t fast enough in opening it.  When Beloved tried to open it, the thug appeared stuck so we walked along getting wet because at this point there was no sense trying to find a dry place.  We were as wet as we could get so why bother with it was our logic.

while we were walking along I noticed something interesting.  The earthworms were out in herds (what is the correct terminology for a whole bunch of worms on the sidewalk?) and some how the dogs were not stepping on them.  Beloved and I had to use care to not step on them and yet the dogs plodded along with no issue.  I should mention one of the dog’s is blind so I was even more amazed by the ability to avoid work in this case.

The dogs and I seemed to be enjoying ourselves just fine, Beloved on the other hand seems to have had his joy shrink the more wet he got.  This also amazes me because Beloved grew up here, he is used to this rain and getting wet.  He used to go out when it was raining, no umbrella or boots and just let the rain wash down on him while he walked.  Of course he did that to get out of the house, as if the rain could wash away the pain and violence that happened inside.

We turned away from the water’s edge and back to home.  The dogs didn’t seem to mind, other than knowing there was a towel or two waiting for them once we got inside,  the dogs don’t enjoy being towed off and I suspect this is because shaking the water out isn’t just necessary, but also a secret delight for them! 😊

For Beloved and myself I made a hot drink to sip while we curled up and talked or read.  what we talk about tends to be up to him! I’m careful not to step on old hurts.  It’s a bit like when we are out walking and not stepping on the worms.

He decided to read, a dog curled up on his lap and another on his feet.  Pure comfort and healing without a word being said.  Tthere is something healing and magical about how the dogs know when one of us needs them for comfort.  There is also something magical about how the dogs provide just what we need and ask for nothing in return.

He also decided we should throw out the umbrella and he’d get a new one when the rain stopped.  A double sized umbrella.  In theory this way neither one of us has to get wet.  As he would tell me a little later, he was ready to not have the rain splash down on him all the time and remind him of his past.  He was ready for walks in the rain to be in present.😊

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