Whole Other World

There are so many things I never thought I’d find myself saying.  Things like “it’s time for nummies”, or “someone’s got a stinky bottom”, or even “please don’t throw it all on the floor”.

Up until recently I had no desire or need to call food nummies.  I’m not even sure how that works.  What’s wrong with food being food?  And why on earth does it taste better if someone makes train noises or airplane noises while they feed you smashed peas?  By the way Beloved’s trains apparently go “chug chug” and “woot woot”.  Clearly European trains are different from North American ones! ☺️

And how come, in small children, food is processed so darn quickly?  Is it because the know the price of disposal diapers?  Or is it some pact they have with each other that demands they use as a many as possible in one day?  😮

Beloved decided the best place to eat was the floor.  After all his niece had decided throwing food on the floor was fun so why not put her on the floor.  Evidently this is not as much fun as sitting in one’s high chair and throwing the food.

We aren’t really parent material, Beloved and I.  Not when they are this young and can hear the same story a million times over in a day.  Not when they communicate in a language that neither of us understands.

I always thought given my life experiences and education, looking after a toddler would be easy.  Who was I kidding? 😆  I’ve managed defending joy work, intense lectures and hours of research.  Surely one tiny human who sleeps a fair amount of the day would be a cinch.  Okay so I misjudged.  You can stop laughing now! 😐

Toddlers are complex little beings that just happen to navigate a world I don’t understand.  But Beloved was to be my saving grace since he had been around these beings before.  Apparently this was not a class he studied for.  Or if he did he failed it miserably.  😮

One tiny little girl, left in our care for ten hours.  That was the challenge.  The child survived just fine.  Belived and I?  Well it was touch and go for a bit.  But I did get to see a side of Beloved I had never considered before, the side that found the floor to be a magical place.  A place where dragons lived, roads were built and cars could fly.    His ability to let his imagination run with hers was amazing.  He just seemed to drop the hard fast rules of the logical world when he joined her on the floor and anything was possible.

Well anything other than him quickly getting up off the floor!  😉


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