Winning and Losing

I was debating hiring a crane, just to pick up Beloved’s jaw.  It had been practically on the ground since we got here and I was wondering if we had stretched his tendons and muscles to the point where he wouldn’t be able to pick it up again. 😉

When we first got here I was a little surprised by his shocked look, but now I wondered if he was suffering from permanent damage.  Beloved isn’t much of a school colors kind of guy.  I know his post-secondary experience was very different from mine.  He also isn’t a sports kind of guy and so taking him to a sporting event at my school was going to stretch his world a bit.  Okay more than a bit.  Like stretching to a whole other universe. 😊

He wasn’t prepared for a city that basically is decked out in the school colors.  He wasn’t prepared for the energy that feeds this city as we come up to game time.  Of course he wasn’t prepared for the game either.  He struggled to follow the conversations, search for anything other than my school colors and figure out the local accents.

He said when he was in Egypt and didn’t speak the local language at the markets, he felt more included than here.  He knew what to expect, and was only struggling with language.  He understood the customs and culture and that which he didn’t understand he could guess.  Here, he said, it was impossible to know what was going on by watching.  Case in point, he thought people were angry when in fact they were celebrating! 😳

when I had seen his world, I confess to feeling s bit like a fish out of water, but I could still figure things out.  Maybe this was too much of a culture shock to him.  Maybe he had no context for what he was seeing and hearing.  Maybe I did a poor job of explaining  or preparing him for it.  Then again how do you prepare someone who has never experienced a college town during game day celebrations when that person has never even gone to a sporting event before in his life?

To his credit, other than he jaw issue, he did well, marvelling at the energy and zeal that seemed to fill the town.  He told me he couldn’t imagine living here during here crazy times, he would want a place to retreat to.  I can fully appreciate that, after all there have been times when I’ve felt that way myself.

I had anticipated a bit of a culture shock for him and thus had managed to secure us a retreat from the intensity of town.  But even here, his jaw seemed to fall with surprise and shock.  The good kind. You know where you think there wont be anything more beautiful or amazing to see in nature than what is just before you and then you turn a corner and it does?  It was that kind of surprise and shock.    I’m glad that at least this provided a big win!


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